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Lech Poznan-Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk
Старый   20.08.2010, 02:45
KKSLechPoznan нейтрален(-на)
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По умолчанию Lech Poznan-Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk

Hey Ukrainian friends Today Lech Poznan were playing in Dnipropietrovsk and win 1-0.It's a good result for us,but anyway I think that you are strong team and chances are still 50/50.The result is very suprising for me because in this season we play very poor football and we didn't have in match against You our best players-Wojtkowiak,Peszko,Bosacki,Wichniarek and Rudnevs.

Could You tell me something about Your team and Your fans??Are You "pro-Russian" like Shakhtar Donetsk supporters or "pro-Ukrainian" like Dynamo Kiev??

And if You could tell me which team are best fans in Ukraine I will be grateful.

Regards from Poland

PS. You are welcomed at our forum: http://forum.wiaralecha.pl/

and sorry for my english
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