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Андрей Русол’s websites~ To Rusol’s fans~
Старый   03.10.2006, 19:55
Chen нейтрален(-на)
Аватар для Chen
Восклицание Андрей Русол’s websites~ To Rusol’s fans~

sorry I know it is not good to write in English , but I never learn Russian , sorry for that !

Recently , I have seeted several Rusol ‘s yahoo groups and yahoo blogs in yahoo , Germany yahoo, and Taiwan yahoo to collect Андрей Русол’s and the Ukraine team’s pictures . I set those webs just want to share photos or something with people who want to get Андрей Русол’s and FCNUA’s photos . I do not have any bad think .

Just want to share Rusol’s photos and Rusol’s something ,so far , I have setted some Rusol’s websites . if one day , anyone see those website , don’t doubt why they are very similar, because the owner is me !!! orz orz orz Don’t beat me (running away! )

the main webpage

We show different face to different people.
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