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Старый   25.07.2010, 20:56
Pancamo очень, очень хорош(-а)Pancamo очень, очень хорош(-а)
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Our chairman has visited your last game vs. Differdange and he said you was playing very defensive Besides that, he liked Stevanovic and Bratic (i can get wrong writing their names).

We are always supporting our Serbian brothers, but there's one thing you should know. We hate Spartak from Moscow. It was our most hated enemy in USSR, so when we found out which team we will face there was a lot of jokes about beating Spartak
We have new coach who works 20 years in South America, I expect offensive play, Spartak offers more goals on the side than at home.

A lot of clubs around the world have name Spartak ( Russia, Serbia, Slovakia ) I hope to be able to change the scarf with your fans Ukrains brothers !
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